(sheryl patten) #1

Is there anyone who likes to play sqaush for fun? I know the game but I am still a beginner.I really got into it for the six months before i had left the uk. i do not care if you are an expert but i still want to win.Just have the patience with me. It explains my keeness!.. I tried fronton and pelote. I spent more time in the river looking like a mud rat. i live closest to pau and mont de marsan for squash games at the weekend or evenings but if Dax has some I will be chuffed.x

(James Higginson) #2


I have developed tennis elbow since April so, 'I'm out' as they say!


(sheryl patten) #3

How long has it taken to reply.Sorry... Well me being pregnant didn't help. If there is any squash courts in Dax I may be interested, juggling my time is a bit awkward but worth a try. Let me know.

P.s. I'm pretty crap too but i'm currently doing no exercise and not losing baby weight

Pss. Squash is pronounced squach here.

(James Higginson) #4

Sounds good, I haven’t played for ten years and I was crap back then anyway, not sure I can even remember the rules but if there is somewhere in Dax I would give it a go, shall I find out? What’s it called in French?