Is there anyone who likes to play sqaush for fun? I know the game but I am still a beginner.I really got into it for the six months before i had left the uk. i do not care if you are an expert but i still want to win.Just have the patience with me. It explains my keeness!.. I tried fronton and pelote. I spent more time in the river looking like a mud rat. i live closest to pau and mont de marsan for squash games at the weekend or evenings but if Dax has some I will be chuffed.x


I have developed tennis elbow since April so, 'I'm out' as they say!


How long has it taken to reply.Sorry... Well me being pregnant didn't help. If there is any squash courts in Dax I may be interested, juggling my time is a bit awkward but worth a try. Let me know.

P.s. I'm pretty crap too but i'm currently doing no exercise and not losing baby weight

Pss. Squash is pronounced squach here.

Sounds good, I haven’t played for ten years and I was crap back then anyway, not sure I can even remember the rules but if there is somewhere in Dax I would give it a go, shall I find out? What’s it called in French?