SSN Card till not received

I received temporary SSN on in the month july 2019.till now I dididn’t received my permanent SSN card and also didn’t received the form(which we will fill and and paste the photo).
To whom I need contact to get the permanent SSN.
Iam living in Toulouse.


Hello Vigneshwar and welcome to the forum.

What does SSN stand for ??? If it is Social Security Number (?) - call in at your local SS Office and ask them what is happening.

ThankStella for your response.
Yes ,social security number.
I didn’t get the contact number of local office.

If you only received your social security number last month then it is early to except to get anything else. Remember half of France is on holiday!

I think what you are expecting is the form that you fill in and add a photo to to get your carte vitale? I don’t know that you ever get a special card with your social security number on it - we didn’t.

More importantly have you received your attestation that you have been accepted into the health service? With that you can get everything that you would get with a carte vitale.

Go onto and you can find out where your local office is and contact details

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