St Andrews Day

Happy St Andrews to all you Scots out there

My folk are from Dundee, I was born in a hospital near London, went to Cologne with my parents (occupation force soldier and NAAFI employee), they didn't fancy the Hilltown when my father left so went to London. We had every summer up there from six or seven years of leaves to the London days. There was a whole gang of folk from Dundee where we were though. So I a'ways had peoples tockin Dundee aroond ma, I a'ways thocht that a' o' Scotland spoke wi' the same accent as oors but then we went up tae near Elgin whur ma granfither cam frae and I kidnae understand a word ;-)

Bellshill, North Lanarkshire but i've lived in Edinburgh for a while too

Fife, Marie Frances, and you

Where are yous from ? Ian and Brian

Wullie's is a more or less precise depiction of Dundee dialect, the publisher D.C Thomson and the original cartoonist Dudley D. Watkins and editor Rab Low all being there in the city. Wullie was the hero of the Hulltoon (Hilltown) where ma fither grew up.

For all of you non Scots oor wullie and the Broons were/are cartoon series in the Sunday Post, a very Scottish newspaper. They were both written in broad scots dialect!

Nerry Ian, Oor Wullie y'ken.

Ha ha Ian,

You’s bin readin the Broons ah thunk?

Aye ....A' the best fae me tae....excuse the lateness, been 'up tae high dough' wi 3 weans loaded wi the cauld.

Hope all had a great day...A' the best fae me

Sláinte,Elaine, even if I am a little late.

et bonne fête à tous les André (je sais, c'était hier !)

Thank you!

Thank you - had completely forgotten !

Aye. I just wrote those words on my 'Scotland's future' post and came back to find this. Apart from the poor people in Glasgow who will not be celebrated, wishing you all a guid ane.