St Foy La Grand ..Hospital

Oh what a day it was on Tuesday.

Spent an hour trying to sort out the problems I am having with a company which

supplies electrical goods. My insurance co have been really helpful ....I have a legal policy

with them.

Then J and I move the great new piece of furniture into the Grey room and he carries on

moving a lime green lounging chair to the spice room.

A friend comes over from the next village for tea and trifle ( made without jelly)

Whilst another cooker is delivered from Libourne.

3 young men arrive and they are so eager to rush off and they clearly had neither a clue

or any interest in doing the job right. They put the legs of the cooker on without the base

support plates and we eneded up with bent legs which make the cooker unuseable. They did

a few other things wrong too but eventually fixed them. The floor is deeply marked and I

am simmering like a stock pot.

So after another visit to Libourne and another visit here to us....THE cooker has rejected and I

Await a chq which will take 3 weeks!

However on the day of all the moving and lifting J ENDED up with a horrific pain and our kind friend

drove us to the Hospital ...( i do not drive)

j was seen immediately.

The doctors were great, friendly and kind and wanted to engage in speaking English.

By the way when we went to the pharmmacy we were told that there was an error

or problem with J s Carte Vitale.

I wonder when do the problems end?