"stage de sensibilisation à la sécurité routière" anyone?


I ran a stop sign in January that I hadn’t seen. I received the PV on the spot and paid the fine. Now 5 months later I’ve had a letter saying I’ve lost 4 points leaving me with 6.

Apart from being a good boy for the next 31 months, I can take a “stage de sensibilisation à la sécurité routière” and get the points back BUT I can’t find any details of what this actually involves, just that it takes 2 days and will cost 235€. Does anyone have any experience of what it involves and how hard it is to pass/fail ?



And maybe cut down on the speeding lol

From what I have read this morning, I think that a 1 point offence means you get it back after 12 months, more serious offences now take 3 years to recover the points. I certainly got back 1 point from last year’s 2nd PV.

Have now found a stage at only 195€, so only 12€18 an hour to sit and listen to someone. Will teach me to keep my eyes open.


Christa, it’s a 3 year wait to get them back and even one 90€ speeding fine would start a new 3 year period. Can’t afford to be without a licence where we live.

A French friend has done one and from what he said (and I can recall), it was basically a case of sitting in a room and being lectured for 2 days and you are almost guaranteed to pass - you would have to try not to sort of thing.