Star of wonder, star of night

In case you missed the night-sky thread…


Sky at the moment lovely and clear - at least in Lot-et-Garonne. It’ll be a good evening for spotting them.

It was overcast here, last night. I found out about a live link from an observatory in California. Quite a time difference… But I did connect with their live feed around 2 am this morning when the live feed started; and so I got to see the two planets. Profound.

We were entombed in thick fog yesterday…

I’ll be out there tonight…

So were we in our part of Burgundy, I had my binoculars at the ready though.

Thick clouds last night :frowning_face: still only a few centuries until the next one :rofl:

… we’ll meet again… don’t know where… don’t know when… (but it’ll be a very long time :slight_smile: )

About the best thing I’ve enjoyed since moving from the Med coast to Manche are skies, day and night.

Discussing this with young friend I’m coaching in photography, I made the point that the cloudscape up here in the north is as important in a photograph as the landscape below it. Your ref: Mr Constable.

At night, it’s just the Cosmic Variety Show. As someone who has the Yachtmaster Ocean ticket, which includes celestial nav, I am woefully ignorant at IDing what the dots are that I see when looking at the night sky but as hom sap, from first noticing there was anything to look at, it’s colossal and - as the man said,

“If we are the only the only intelligent life form in the universe, the implications are staggering, either way.”

And tho’ these headline events are worth catching, it’s a masterpiece virtually daily/nightly. Just gotta go out the door and look up. Last full moon we had this - for 1/15 seconds.

Can’t beat a nice rainbow, unless it’s a double