Staring an AE when already in part time work

HI there,

We are both in part time employment and are attempting to start various enterprises to boost our income and hopefully grow to be our sole work. Anyhow my question is I am sure AE is okay when you are already working but do you set up in exactly the same way, what about CPAM/RSi etc do the limits for an AE annual turnover stay the same, can you have more than one activity as an AE and if so what profession do you register it under?

Lots of questions I know but I am sure someone out there will know.

Thanks in anticipation of your help

Thanks a lot Andrew I thought it was set up as you said for those already in work but as most seem to do this alone wanted to double check. Glad you told me the limit is per person not activity, that may need re thinking eventually by us but we jst want to get started quickly with our new ideas and this seems the easiest way.

The AE scheme was set up primarily for people already working so that they could legally do other work - it was a measure to stamp out working for cash/moonlighting, it wasn't designed to rival the traditional statut and that's why many think it's unfaire but that's another story...! Yes you set up according to the main line of business, and then can do others provided they can be done under the AE scheme (see list on the official website). you can do as much as you like up to the max turnover, once you pass that then you need to change and leave the ae scheme, the limit is per person not a limit per individual activity - you can only register once, not several times for different activities!

I hope that helps, oh and cpam/msa/rsi/cipav etc - leave that to the urssaff who will deal with secu attribution ;-)