Start as Autoentrepreneur or not?

Can anybody advise me please the difficulty of changing from Autoetrepreneur to "normal" business status. Is it better to start off as autoentrepreneur and change or start as you mean to continue?

Not sure what my expenses will be yet but by the end of next year I think they may be quite a bit. On the other hand I don't know how receipts will be!

One for the mathematicians I think!

Thanks in advance

idem !

What were you expecting?

I,ve decided to change from a micro to an AE because with a micro enterprise you pay a minimum of around 1600 euros even if you don,t earn a penny, and after that you pay around 47 percent to RSI of your profits, its disgraceful there is no allowance so you can earn around 30 k a year but end up with charges of aroun 12_ 15 thousand euros.

With an auto entrepreneur you pay around 21 percent of your turnover , they don,t take into account expense but if you earn money from your labour it it still much cheaper.

If you pass around 33,000 then you have tva to worry about as well ,ie unpaid tax collector

The best thing to do is work hard at school & become a fonctionaire than you can retire at twenty two after a few years on 35 hour weeks & only 18 weeks holiday.

I,m not pissed off by the French system but its terrible

Good call Brian - now posting on the Autoentrepreneur group.

Dave, first, I think you ought to repost this in the AE group where it will attract more attention.

Secondly, I think if you trawl through the group you may find your answer. The disadvantages, as I remember, outweigh the advantages because of the charges you suddenly do have that as an AE you do not.

Ooops sorry!!

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