Stationary - online?

(Teresa Ewart) #1

hello all

i need to buy some BIG jiffy bags - not a chance here where i am in the vaucluse with about an hours drive

anyone use a good and quick supplier online here in france?

x teresa

(Teresa Ewart) #2

thanks Brian, that's where I ended up

x t

(Brian Milne) #3

Staples on line are cheapest, followed by Viking. Raja for bigger bulk buys.

(Carol Jenkins) #4

Ebay UK.....Copy and paste the above into your browser....they post to France.

(Teresa Ewart) #5

Darn it... thank you both so much... Viking - yes, good idea

RAJA, that's the one i was looking for! I knew i'd been driven mad by emails some while back.

perfect. got it. one more ridiculous job ticked off my list!

x teresa

(who knew that "buy a big jiffy envelope" could be SO HARD... I think I might create a "surviving in France TEST for people!!! - things you always thought so easy but end up driving round the country (and the internet) looking for!)

(Pam Angus) #6

Hi are really good for bulk purchases - delivery is usually in 24 / 48 hours


(Bernadette Kirk) #7

OH used to use Viking, we have hundreds of the smaller ones! Never had any problems with them.