Stationary - online?

hello all

i need to buy some BIG jiffy bags - not a chance here where i am in the vaucluse with about an hours drive

anyone use a good and quick supplier online here in france?

x teresa

thanks Brian, that's where I ended up

x t

Staples on line are cheapest, followed by Viking. Raja for bigger bulk buys.

Ebay UK.....Copy and paste the above into your browser....they post to France.

Darn it... thank you both so much... Viking - yes, good idea

RAJA, that's the one i was looking for! I knew i'd been driven mad by emails some while back.

perfect. got it. one more ridiculous job ticked off my list!

x teresa

(who knew that "buy a big jiffy envelope" could be SO HARD... I think I might create a "surviving in France TEST for people!!! - things you always thought so easy but end up driving round the country (and the internet) looking for!)

Hi are really good for bulk purchases - delivery is usually in 24 / 48 hours


OH used to use Viking, we have hundreds of the smaller ones! Never had any problems with them.