Stay in hospital

Hi all, I have just had an 8 day stay in hospital and my doctor there asked if I had a genealogist does anyone know what this is? I thought they were people who traced ancestry, any help appreciated


Not at 65 years old !!

He didn't say: gynaecologist?


Already done that bit Brian and indeed they did shake their heads saying bizarre !

Yes, exactly. I had precisely that kind of thing, plus an idiotically induced heart attack and have had stents implanted to open the blocked arteries in my heart. Just tell them the NHS does not have such a database and allow them to walk away shaking heads in disbelief.

Thanks Brian, that does make sense as I had a Blood clot in my lung which can effect the heart - still the same I guess - family history.

Aha, I had a similar question because of what happened to my heart appearing to be a genetic fault. It may be a question about your family's medical and health history which is pretty important if they want to determine a genetic predisposition to particular health conditions and diseases. It is something like geneticist you heard but probably wondered what the heck they were asking. In my case, being an anthropologist I thought they were joking and asked for an explanation which is why I am guessing you were asked something similar.