Staying in our French cottage

Hi we have owned our cottage for over five years, we usually arrive late October and stay till around March/April keeping under the 180 then return to our main home in the UK. mainly to escape the British winter.
Is the a system in place the we could apply to stay for that period of time after Brexit. We are 70 and 65 and have sufficient income insurance etc.

No-one knows for sure and you might have to spend a few quid on a visa…but apart from that unlikely to be a problem.

The 90 day rule is actually relevant now as U.K. citizens are only supposed to stay in the Schengen zone for 90/180 days anyway.

Wasn’t there an emerging long stay visa for 6 months…? Separate from the Etias visa waiver stuff.

This is the current long stay information for US nationals.

Yes, thanks. I seem to recall amomg the endless stuff about possibilities that there was the idea for a simpler approach being introduced for UK-EU stays under 6 months. Mind you, with the latest statements about UK requiring £30k income things may change to be less open.