Steak & Kidney pudding

Very pleased with my first pud, made with pig fat instead of suet

OMG! Tha tlooks yummy!

You were on the right lines with the pig fat, as suet is actually the hard fat that surrounds the kidneys.

Our Grandmothers would have bought with the meat shopping from the butchers and cut it up finely for use.

No Atora in those days!

As far as I am aware suet is a specific type of fat from around the kidneys of cattle. It may be elsewhere on the body but not sure.

I just froze it then grated it into the flour, worked fine, isn't suet just beef lard, or does it have something in it to stop it melting?

Looks brill James! Well done you. How did you use the pig fat ? Our pigs last year we very fatty - we ended up making tons and tons of lard (which is useful) but I do miss good ol suet here in France.