Steam Trains

Delightful old piece of film… put on full-screen, sit back and enjoy a trip back to a bygone age. :relaxed:


Our train station was Carnforth famous for Brief Encounter.

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When it is pouring with rain and you can’t get out and about… this charming film will help while away the time… :relaxed:

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Not far away Jane, I used to travel to Sellafield by steam train from Whitehaven when an apprentice, did you ever have a trip on’t ‘Laal Rattey’, Ravenglass to Eskdale?
And Coast Line South from Whitehaven was beautifull.

There’s a nice one near to Cahors/Brive at Martel doing trips, I did the circuit last year and it was brilliant.

This evenings viewing, thanks Stella :+1:

Looks interesting Peter, bit of a trek from here, but will bear in mind when down that way :+1:

Yes, we’ve travelled twice on the steam train from Martel station… great fun and a wonderful view…

Plus, Martel is such a charming town…

Yes it is Stella, nice old covered market.

The Lot is a pretty department too.

The Carnforth Engine shed is still being used today for steam engines and is run by the West Coast Railway Company.

20 years ago we discovered a lovely olde-worlde restaurant, run by an English lady…fabulous food and a sort of 1930’s-artist-colony atmosphere/buildings :relaxed:

I suppose the elderly owner eventually died… because we recently noticed a restaurant bearing the same name had moved into the town itself…

Always had a soft spot for Martel… I’ve now put it on the wish list for 2018…

This is my dad the fireman on the Flying Scotsman and my grandfather was the driver


One memorable rail journey was from Ajaccio to Corte, in Corsica, scenery there don’t get no better anywhere, highlight was the driver allowed me to sit up front, some hair raising bits of trackway :+1:

Corsica is delightful… but we missed out on the trains.

Have you been on le petit train de la Rhune?? Not steam, but nearly as much fun… :slight_smile:

No I haven’t Stella, where is that?, the one in Corsica wasn’t steam either, but a very spectacular journey :open_mouth:

La Rhune is in the Pays Basque region… we visited with friends a few years back. Lovely part of France… very, very rustique, then suddenly into super little towns and villages…

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Corsica is beautiful, I was on my boat there, visited a wee, very wild place called Giroletta, while there, a local shot another, a vendetta killing :open_mouth:

I had my ankle in a caste/splint for our Corsica trip… but the gang hauled me about as and where necessary… up hill and down dale… lovely people, lovely country.

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The La Rhune train is very reminiscent of the one in Corsica, another closer to home, is the railway in the IoM, some spectacular coastal sections :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve only been on the small one! Romney Hythe & Dymchurch railway.