Stellar stuff for all those interested in the stars

There are some wonderful photos, taken month by month, each with a brief but clear explanation/description…fascinating stuff :grin:

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Amazing Pictures!
A relative on my mothers side has a spot on the moon named after him:
Sundman is a lunar impact crater that lies just past the western limb of the Moon. Although it lies on the far side from the Earth, this part of the surface is brought into view during periods of favorable libration and illumination. Sundman lies to the southwest of the walled plain Einstein, and to the west of the Vallis Bohr cleft. It was named after Finnish mathematician and astronomer Karl F. Sundman.[1]

He is in good company. :slight_smile:
Hats off to all early scientists who laid the groundwork for todays amazing knowledge, this without computers & rockets …

That is fantastic Peter… wow.

And I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures… I get these links sent to me by Astronomy folk…who all studied with my brother… nearly 40 years ago. He and they keep in constant touch… and I get the odd message/link … or request for a bed as they travel to wherever…

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Keep them pics coming!

This link arrived last night (the anniversary of her death)… as you say… what they achieved without all today’s gadgetry is amazing. .(although you may know of Caroline Herschel already)

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Vow, amazing!
We don’t always recognise the ‘chain of accrued knowledge’ to get to were we are today.
Karl Sundman grew up in an area were they had been shipbuilders for at least 500 year (documented). I imagine his interest for the astronomy was grounded in practical use such as navigation. Here is a wonderful map from 1539, look how much they knew! Karl came from Närpes, on the map it says ‘Hic fabricatur Naves’. Only place were they mention shipbuilding.

That is incredible…


this is just breathtaking…


Reading about this Black Hole…it sounds like chronic “Stellar Indigestion” to me…



I’ll be keeping an eye on this over the next few months…