Sterling/Euro Exchange Rate for 2014 French Tax Return Purposes

Usual apolgies if this has been covered elsewhere in the Forum…

Does anyone know if there is an officially recognised exchange rate to be applied to Sterling income (pensions) for the purposes of the 2014 Tax Declaration in France?

In the past I have averaged the exchange rate applied to money transfers throughout the year and TBH the Tax Office in Bellac doesn’t seem all that bothered what (reasonable) rate I use, but I’d like to get it right if I can.

Any guidance much appreciated!

If there is one major transaction which dominates your income you should check the rate on the day ( historic rates) and use that if it's favourable (and appropriate rates for all the rest).

Thank you Dominique...

There is an official rate: the yearly average of the Banque de France, your tax office will tell you what it is on the phone.

I have found out that their rate, although apparently calculated on January and December rates added and divided by 2, no doubts French maths?? is generally better tyhan my own calculations.

This said they do not seem very bothered as you say as long as it is reasonable. This year it is: 1.2332 =£1