Sticking to your budget

Time fo a little 'light relief'.......

So you think you've got problems.........

Perhaps he needs to re-release this......(this is the only rap song that I quite like)


This was one of the funniest - Pizza Hut UK but I couldn't get the logo on. Their first post was excellent but then I read the comment & reply underneath and nearly fell off the chair laughing.

Pizza Hut UKVerified account
@Pizza Hut UK Retweeted KANYE WEST
Stop telling everyone you need dough and try kneading some dough. We got your C.V. today. You start at 9am tomorrow.

Carly Potter @carlypott1980 Feb 15
@pizzahutuk @jojomoyes @kanyewest the person who tweeted this deserves a pay rise. Call it a 'finders fee'

Pizza Hut UK @pizzahutuk Feb 15
@carlypott1980 @jojomoyes @kanyewest No no, Carly. We couldn't accept a pay rise. Kanye needs the money more.

Have to smile at this, that salary is pretty poor these days, I think Kanye West has the right idea, do nothing much and get lots of money. I can't sing either, can I have lots of money please;

Hi Patricia & Hilary.

Don’t beat yourself up in not knowing. That’s why this site is really good in learning about loads of things.

Here’s a link to explain. Hope it helps in what I tried to describe.

Ha ha ha, sorry, this cracked me up - it's an actual Tweet from the Philadelphia Police.

Philadelphia PoliceVerified account@PhillyPolice

We R hiring,@kanyewest! Starting salary of $47,920; u could be debt-free by the year 3122!

OMG - I'd never seen that - he's DREADFUL!! Is that meant to be singing? I know Freddie's irreplaceable but I have been so impressed by Adam Lambert singing with Queen, especially his rendition of "We are the champions". Now, THAT'S how to pay tribute. Kanye, watch and learn.

"Grin" don't pull any punches do you, Valerie ?

'..dreadful little Beiber person...'


Kayne is a total loser who cannot sing, cannot rap, cannot write music and wants everyoine else to fund his lavish lifestyle.

The difference between a singer and a pretender:

Is that for real? I didnt know that either. Going back now to see if anyone has been shouting at me. Thanks for info.

Now Prince, you see, I actually do think is an artist. He's a writer, a singer, a showman and he's earned his place by no doubt grafting for years. Some of the "new" lot just seem appalling - you have West comparing himself to St Paul and passing on a message to the world, marrying into the Kardashians perhaps to improve his 'brand' and then you have that dreadful little Bieber person misbehaving all over the place and abandoning animals, a puppy dropped at a dog trainer's and not retrieved for over 6 months, flying with a monkey to Germany without bothering with vaccinations or papers (is he above the law in his head?) so it was seized and he simply left it there without paying for the bills. Seriously, I despair.

I suppose it is a sort of 'mad extension', of the 'Prince' phenomenon (artist formerly known as, who I do have time for, some really good music, that numbs the pain of household mopping the kitchen floor, etc see link below).....

One of the worst aspects of 'celebrity culture' that it ' infects' the kids at school with totally unreal expectations growing on trees,apparently, getting something for nothing (but actually, selling your soul), no talent...(just being photographed incapable stumbling out of nightclubs type of behaviour)....Feeds the sense of dissatissfaction and inner city malaise....leading to alot of other bad things, no doubt...

Here's cant feel undervalued or downtrodden after this...make sure the base is turned up...

OK, ...oops ! ok...

Will try not to do it again....

Hello Hilary. In the new ‘tech world’ it’s considered that you are ‘shouting’ and not ‘talking’ when you do CAPS. It’s not netiquette. Hope that helps why James replied.

The idiot just seems to get worse - I'm sorry but he's just a plank. First he proclaims himself the greatest artist of all time (or whatever it was) and now there's a Go Fund Campaign set up for people to make donations, comparing donating to schools in Africa against the need that he, as the greatest person on the planet, is in? Like I said. Plank.

Sorry !.....

Is this a personal preference James .....or does it actually cause a problem ...?


So much more, for less, in France...can't remember the last time my budget kept me awake..Favourite thing right now, with birds/spring, is the discovery that my local pépiniére has fruit trees, not tiny ...about 6 ft... for less than 8e each. That is, long established, local species, that grow almost anywhere long as its local. Quetsches, peaches, I know they will grow fast.

Kanje? A bit over confident I'd say, especially if you compare him with Freddie, here...