Still no Titre de Séjour is my EC1 still valid

Hi all
I have been living at my mother’s since 29th December 2020 in France in the Allier region. I applied for a Titre de Séjour on arrival. I bought a health insurance but then realised it was only a mutuel, so cancelled it. Yet, this is what I put on my application. I have no idea whether I’m still legal in France, whether my EC1 would do until or even if I get my TdS. My house was sold on the 25th March, so I don’t even have an official address in England anymore. Can anyone suggest what I am suppose to do to get health insurance. Do I just get another Holiday insurance, or is my EC1 still valid, or am I suppose to register for an S1 as a resident, even though I don’t have residency yet ? It all seems to go in circles with no answers. If anyone can help me solve this seemingly impossible circular situation, I should be most grateful. Valerie Chisholm

Hi Valerie and welcome to SF.
Initially, a small administrative matter. Would you kindly complete your registration to show your first name and last name as per site T&Cs. Thanks. I see you have put your last name in the post but it also needs to be in the registration page to comply. Let me know if you can’t find the place to do this.
As for your questions there are two people specifically who can advise you fully on them.
For insurance click on @fabien or go to the Insurance link at the top of the page and for the CdS I’ve tagged @toryroo who has her finger on the button and I’m sure will be along soon to help address your issue.

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You ARE a resident you are just waiting for you card! Yes you need to order your S1 as soon as possible. Make sure you are clear you were here in 2020. Once you have your S1 you can do your CPAM application. You may need to get private cover to cover you until the CPAM comes in as that can take a while. Fabien has policies that can be converted to mutuelles or cancelled once your SS number comes through.

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@fabien is aware of your post… he speaks/writes good English and is experienced in this field so please don’t be shy about contacting him. The deadlines are approaching, so you need to act.

When you say you applied for your titre de séjour do you mean you made an online application for a Withdrawal Agreement Resident’s Card (WARP) using the internet site specifically for British people?

If so you should have got an email receipt with a number on it. And this is your attestation that you are resident. Have you had that?

Your EH1 I presume means your EHIC from the UK. This isn’t valid now as you are no longer a UK resident. Travel insurance is also not adequate.

So you need to take out proper health insurance until such time as you can join the State Health System. As Graham has said, the easiest is to contact Fabien. Health Insurance must be in place for you to get your resident’s card. If you only applied at the end of December it may well be quite a while before they get round to looking at your application, but the very strong likelihood is that you will be asked to provide proof of health insurance then, and your application will be rejected without it.

You don’t say whether you are working, early retired/inactive, or getting a UK state pension. So I don’t know whether you are even entitled to an s1?


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