Stockbroker for UK Ex-pats?

Does anyone know a stockbroker that will accept ex-pats? As I have contacted several only to be refused because I now live in France.

As I have a few shares and it seems most UK based stockbrokers refuse to accept anyone who is resident in France.

I always thought that the whole purpose of the EU was to make life easier should one move within the EU. But obviously that does not seem to apply to individuals.

Maybe you need to prove ID in an office in the UK. I know that Investec manage an equity portfolio for a UK based Trust and the Trust administrator is resident in France. The portfolio can be accessed on line. System works well and has done for six years. ID was proved during a vist to the UK but maybe it's possible with a notaire.

Has anybody tried to renew a driving license from France ?

dvla refuses to help unless you have a uk address. Really its anri european. No wonder they tend to vite brexit

Simple! Get a French licence. It's not difficult and is useful as a piece of identity instantly recogniseable here...

And, as for being anti-european... try presenting a French licence in UK when you live there permanently.

(Apologies Howard...)

tddirectinvesting possibly

interactivebrokers definitely but really you need to be an expert (which is fair enough, if you aren't an expert you shouldn't be buying shares etc anyway)

my hubby lost the card part of it and dvla wont replace it unless you live in uk

twenty years ago i presented my french licence and got uk counterpart without fuss.

re stockbrokers forum

why replying to this post is hijacking the post? in US has European customers

Try I think they do a boutique sharebroking service and investment management service for clients worldwide.