Stone and wooden floors

Hi We currently have a business in the U.K. restoring stone and wooden flooring , polishing stone, sanding, staining and finishing wooden floors, cleaning and sealing all types of hard flooring etc. We are
Looking ahead and when we do find the right property ( Aquitaine?) I’d be interest in people’s views on wether the business would be easily transferred over the channel and would it be a service with a viable market ? TIA Chris

Hi Chris - seems you have been keeping busy since we last heard from you.:relaxed:

What qualifications (if any) do you have for doing this kind of work ?:thinking:

Some qualifications might be “transferable” - all depends

The margins are tight here as so many doing it on the black or off the cards in uk terms. I run a successful restoration company and restore across frnace. One thing I will say is uk floors and french floors are completely different often never sanded and always badly stained. Sanding sundries are three times as much in France and to make proper money you best being tva registered. Otherwise you hit a threshold fast for earning. Fench companys are good. Generally most people don’t want to pay fench costs for floor restoration works Go diy and often wreck the floor so costing more the we are called. Lol.

Hope that helps.