Stone Cold Sober

Thats me, most of the time, except for the odd glass of rosé in the evenings. It’s also the name of a band we’ve been to see who are local to the Dordogne/Limousin/Poitou-Charentes areas and are fantastic!

The sun was shining so we set off in the Mini Cooper for the hour and a half drive through the French countryside, with that flit of excitement like we were dating again. Ade had seen the ad for the band and being a HUGE Status Quo fan was really impressed by a You Tube clip of them playing Bye Bye Johnny The venue was a small English owned bar not far from Limoges. We were very much the outsiders as most people were there in groups, but the owners were very friendly and welcoming. We were early enough to hear the band setting up and we decided it was worth staying around! They played some of the great rock classics from amongst others Status Quo, Dire Straits and Bon Jovi and some very brave fancy footworkers even got up to dance! It was a great evening out, they were very good and very entertaining too. We shall definitely be looking out for them again and one day I might even be able to arrange a summer rock concert in the village - we’ll soon have a new salle des fêtes (village hall), we have a park and after all I’m sure Glastonbury started small too.

More info on Stone Cold Sober can be found by clicking here

If you see them advertised in your area, do go along and see them.