Fellow artists, put down your paintbrushes, pencils or whatever you use to express your art. New for the 21st century - invisible art has arrived. Paper and canvas makers, paint manufacturers and pencil makers will go out of business.

London's Hayward Gallery is to charge £8 for entry to a summer exhibition of works which cannot be seen. It has gathered together 50 "invisible" works by famous artists including Andy Warhol, Yves Klein and Yoko Ono for it's latest exhibition called 'Invisible: Art about the Unseen 1957-2012' and includes an empty plinth, a canvas of invisible ink and an invisible labyrinth.

To quote from the Independent newspaper:

"I think visitors will find that there is plenty to see and experience in this exhibition of invisible art," said Ralph Rugoff, director of the Hayward Gallery.

"From the amusing to the philosophical, you will be able to explore an invisible labyrinth that only materialises as you move around it, see an artwork that has been created by the artist staring at it for 1,000 hours, walk through an installation designed to evoke the afterlife, and be in the presence of Andy Warhol's celebrity aura.

"This exhibition highlights that art isn't about material objects, it's about setting our imaginations alight, and that's what the artists in this show do in many varied ways."

I will be running an invisible art course here in Mouhous later this year. £450 per person to take part in a week long course and I will supply all the art materials you will need.

This a trend that will certainly catch on, I have already written, what is sure to be a number one best seller, the invisible book. In what I think is a first, it will be printed in white ink on white paper and runs to 396 pages with a white cover so will be easily visible in your local bookshop.

I did have the idea once of packaging a stick of chalk as a Hopscotch kit...

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I have already produced the invisible book: it has no pages and no cover.

I'm delighted to announce I shall be exhibiting a piece there. I'm very proud of it. It's called "Lucky You! with time to waste and money to burn".