Stopover recommendation pls near Autoroute between Carcassone and Narbonne?

(Mandy Slack) #1

Hello to you folks down there in the lovely Languedoc! Mandy here, up in cold and damp Brittany.

We are driving through your way in the summer en route to Spain and I am after recommendations for an el cheapo but nice stopover hotel/B&B for somewhere between Carcassone and Narbonne. Must be nearish to the autoroute and have parking for a biggish van plus a restaurant (we are not ones for convivial communal eating, especially after a long drive). A pool would be a bonus but we are spreading the pennies so not vital!

A couple of years ago we did the same journey and stopped off in Lagrasse which was gorgeous. We discovered that the wine from that area is our favourite and I now drink nothing other than Corbieres and seem to particularly like the Lezignan/Camplong/Fabrezan area’s wines.

Anyway would greatfully receive recommendations for somewhere nice to spend the night that is cheap and cheerful but hopefully with a bit of character.

Many thanks


(Richard Randall) #2

Largrasse would well be worth a stop over and then head to Perp along the D611
Photos and video of Lagrasse and abbey

(Peter Shield) #3

At the moment developing an organically certified aromatic herb nursery, and slowly renovating an old domaine- and to fund that develop mobile phone applications that work with live TV shows (Well you did ask).

(Ross McEwan) #4

what do you do up in the hills then!

(Peter Shield) #5

From up in the hills, I live near Maisons, so although Perpignan is closer as the bird flies Lezignan is closer as the car drives. Also I lived in Ribaute next to Lagrasse for 8 years so know the Aude better than the PO.

(Ross McEwan) #6

Yes thats the name, and it is good food and pool and space to park up in. Where are you coming from when you pass. I’m not there that often but hope to be there from the 2nd April onwards for some time.
If you are passing after that do drop in.

(Peter Shield) #7

Do you mean the Le Clos des Souquets Ross? Good food, and a pool but not sure about the price.
Pass your Gallery everytime I go down to Lezignan, keep meaning to drop in… may be this summer.

(Mandy Slack) #8

Thanks all, I will have a look at your places and get back to you!
Best wishes

(Ross McEwan) #9

Fabrezan has several good restaurants and one really good Hotel/B&B for the life of me can’t remember the name at moment but will get for you today.
Also the wine in my village St Laurent de la Cabrerisse is really good too, i have an art gallery there and will be open for the summer from about May onwards call in and say hello, it is on the route from Fabrezan toLagrasse.