Storm Ciara

Yesterday AXA sent us an email warning of a tempest in our area.

Sure enough, when we looked outside this morning -

Looks even more dramatic from inside the roof space -

Fortunately this type of tile can be replaced from inside the roof and I keep a few spares, so no need to call a builder. My small contributing towards keeping AXA profitable!

Reminds me of Dick Strawbridge’s comment “you should not be able to see the sky through your roof…”

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anyone for a white knuckle ride?

Looking at my YouTube channel yesterday and I came across something called Big Jet TV, streaming live from Heathrow during the storm. Some scary landings…I was happy to watch from the safety of my chair.

Our flight back to Limoges from Stansted was cancelled on Sunday and earliest we could get one home is this next Sunday. We were only due to be in UK for 48 hours. Luckily our neighbour is happy having our dog for the week. Will need to buy some new clothes as only packed enough for the weekend!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sounds horrendous, last year we had flights cancelled and waited 3 extra days in UK for a new flight, it was like a prison sentence :frowning:

You poor thing, did you seek counselling when you got back?

Just about over it now😁

Sometimes fate is kind - or maybe it is just that the wise take note of the way the wind is blowing…

Were you in the caravan at the time Mike? :grinning:

No, not mine! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

You need to get rid of then moss Mike, very unsightly :wink:

John, I was a bit slow there, only just worked out what you were on about.
That’s character, that is! Like patina on antique furniture. It is supposed to be like that.
In the Cotswolds they spray new roofs with dilute cow muck to accellerate the process of maturation.
But I did notice some ferns growing out of the chimney stack Waiting for quieter weather to deal with those. . . . .

That’s one hell of a job Mike, cow muck sprayer. I wouldn’t say practitioners have too many close friends.

Reminds me of this classic…

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Excellent comedy!