Strange Coincidence

That the Utube item, “The Madness of Prince Charles”, has been deleted tonight, odd following the News tonight :thinking:

No idea what you are talking about Bill… still there on YouTube…

and why shouldn’t it be… :thinking:

Well a revelation tonight, about 'im supporting a certain bishop, when I wanted to put this on here, it 'ad gone, but yes :slightly_smiling_face: it’s back and now, with a new perspective, of our future King, maybe?

Is this what you are talking/thinking about Bill ??

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Yes, but!
Mine gives a broader picture, perhaps. :thinking:

and perhaps not… :thinking:

Whatever :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly wott?
I give up Stella :neutral_face:

I often wonder whether PC really is as thick as he seems or just badly advised. If I was in his position I would stay well clear of anyone who’s just received a police caution for gross indecency.

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We used to live in the Gloucester diocese when Peter Ball was Bishop.
There was a joke going round at the time as follows;
The Bishop of Gloucester fell into Gloucester docks, he didn’t drown he was found clinging to a boy!
Before that he was teaching at what is now Stroud High School and hit a friend of mine’s hand with a ruler because he didn’t like her answer. He broke her finger.
On the ground he was obviously well known for his proclivities, but it is a sad reflection of the times, thirty years ago, that the opinions of ordinary people were disregarded.


As it happens I have a little story which relates to Prince Charles but I am not at liberty to mention it…just at the moment…or maybe not at all!

You are such a tease.:grinning:

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Just a simple observation… not arguing… just saying…

It is not my reaction… to turn away from someone I have known and trusted… when/if they are accused of something.

My reaction (rightly or wrongly) is to stoutly defend that person…

and yes, in the past OH and I have been let down badly by a friend… totally gutted…

Don’t disagree with the sentiment Stella but you’re not the heir to the throne.

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One woman was abused by her husband… no-one believed her…he was so charming… his second wife died… “after a fall”… his third wife showed tremendous courage and denounced him… when she was finally able prove what we had all “closed our ears and eyes to” for so long…

For the local crowd… all friends since schooldays… disbelief turned to shock/horror as the truth finally came out…

We are all human… we can and do make mistakes in our judgement… learning from our mistakes is the only positive thing to come out of such a situation… Nowadays, I am much more aware/attuned to the possibility of abuse in what might appear to be a “wonderful” situation…

But all this about the prince has come at an odd moment. I have not read it!
It does, of course relate to people and one who was very close to the prince.
If I take courage to bring the stories to print it would be a great sensation for me.

“Thick or badly advised” Tim, a lot of both probably. :thinking: