Strange gite reservation problem

Some people wanted to reserve our gite for next May. I only seem to get half the email, but I replied as best I could, but then heard nothing more. Subsequently, another group enquired for a period that overlapped the first group, all went well, and I accepted their reservation.
I subsequently discover the first group’s subsequent emails in Spam (they made additional enquiries about the pool, and then said they wanted to book). I apologised to them, explaining about the Spammed mails, and received an angry reply, insisting that they booked first, even though I had never sent them a Booking Form, or received the deposit.
All went quiet, but now this same group is threatening to come down on their appointed start day and take over the house!
Any ideas on how to proceed?

No contract = no deal made.
Tell them to go forth into the wilderness and whistle…


The first group made an unsuccessful enquiry, they didn’t make a booking.

You could make suggestions as to alternative gites nearby.

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depending if you like your neighbouring gite owner…

I agree with Barbara…
Idiots like that don’t deserve any truck. I wouldn’t even bother answering any more missives from them. They’re just full of of wind and p*ss.

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A firm email, pointing out that they had not actually made a booking nor paid a deposit and no contract had been formed so there is no reservation to honour. You could say that you are sorry that this has happened, and with 9 months to find alternative accommodation you do not see that this will cause them a problem. However you are happy to make enquiries locally if this would be of interest to them.

If you really feel they will cause a fuss on the day you can make clear that entering your land without a reservation would be considered as trespass and dealt with in accordance with the law.

What nationality are they? Some seem more prone to bluster than others.


Sounds to me as though you are well out of it.
People who make problems to start with generally continue to be troublesome.

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Personally, if you have a postal address, I would send a letter “avec accuse de reception” so you have proof of delivery.

In the letter explain once again… and add that you" intend to report their threats to the Mairie and Gendarmes, to ensure that help will be available to handle any unpleasantness if the group does arrive and attempt to cause a disturbance".

good luck

If you only have an email address… you can still follow the same idea…


Had something similar a few years ago, someone made an enquiry to which I replied. They wanted to make the booking so I sent deposit payment details, and despite sending reminders I heard nothing until about 6 weeks before their intended holiday (or not). Bit of a surprise, but I just explained that they did n’t have a booking.

I can’t honestly see anyone travelling to a gite that they haven’t got a reservation for knowing there is no accommodation available.

It has been an interesting year for the variation of clients and you very rarely know anything
about them until you meet them with the keys.
But there are exceptions to the rule.

Hello Peter. There are a lots of spam request out there, so be very firm and only accep after a contract has been signed and deposit paid.
Good luck
Regards Gitte

sounds to me like they are full of S**t, and trying to bully you into letting them take priority.
As they say; a verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on…they haven’t booked or paid.
Even IF they roll up (unlikely unless they are REALLY stupid!) the other people have priority,as they HAVE paid.You are within your rights to tell them to sling their hook.and call the gendarmerie; they take a very dim view of visitors throwing their weight around.
When the Gite was being run,we had someone ‘from the web’ book for 3 months right in the middle of autumn; i smelled a rat…they claimed to be coming from Canada; but when i IP-traced the email it was sent from Lagos in Nigeria…she almost turned down 2 other bookings over this. it’s not all plain sailing is it? the trick is to look like a Swan,while your legs are paddling like a demented Duck…

Any follow-up on this @Peter_Whitfield ???

What happened…

HI, Stella,
Nothing to report so far, but then the booking is not till the end of May. In fact, I checked the emails, and the Dutch people were actually not the first to request to book.


Aha… so it is for this year…please let us know how it turns out then…