Strange goings on in the Humax/Manhattan area

The Manhattan decoder which I use is normally very efficient and rarely loses the signal, has started playing up, whereas the Humax which, after discarding some years back but now resurrected, has suddenly become good.

I only use the Humax on Saturday nights to record late night Danish thrillers and then switch to the Manhattan for many reasons apart from that.

This weekend has been different. On Sunday the Humax, as it is wont to do, showed only a ‘no signal’ on R4 and all BBC tv channels until later in the day (5Live was working ok though). I wasn’t bothered because I am used to it and don’t need a signal to replay recordings of course. So back to the Manhattan when I wasn’t doing that.

Then the storm and everything disappeared for a short while but when they came back Manhattan was behaving like the Humax, ‘no signal’, so we switched to Arte on the other dish and watched a very good film called Captain Fantastic without any problem.

This morning the Manhattan is still showing ‘no signal’ whereas bizarrely for once, the Humax is playing R4 faultlessly. :astonished:

The world has turned upside down, not for the first time in this household, but for different to normal reasons. :confused: :roll_eyes:

I had my Humax box decide it had no signal in between storms on Saturday. I suspect the electrical chaos in the atmosphere was making the satellite signal too weak to detect and after a set time, some piece of firmware will decide that the signal is lost.

Usually, a hard power cycle (into standby and then physically disconnect power for a count of ten before reconnecting) clears this condition.

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That is par for the course here with the Humax, I am used to it, but very rare for the Manhattan to play up. But I was really surprised that the Mahattan failed last night and again when switched on at the mains this morning, but the normally misbehaving Humax was OK.

I have just switched back to the Manhattan and it is OK now. :slightly_smiling_face: