Strange message

I received and email from survive france the other day, it was from a women called christina, the wording was very odd, eg she wants to be my best friend, she wants my email address and more information about me, i didn't answer, however, when i checked to see if she existed, i found she was no longer a member.

very strange, has anyone else has such an email?

I might have got it, but, honestly, if the message is not from a contact, i delete it. I go through my junk folder, because certain facebook messages end up in there, but, if it's not a name I recognise, and doesn't have "royal jelly" or similar in the subject line, it goes in the bin.

got tired of "hi, you're hot, wanna see my profile".

oh yes, three inches on my manhood spams. along with the security breech in my santander and lloyds accounts - neither of which I have ever had, ones in chinese scripts, etc. been slack lately, have not even had 60 in a day!

You are lucky Brian...the majority of spam I get is from organisations wanting to increase the length of my penis....a piece of anatomy I am pretty sure I dont and never have possessed!

I had it too and she wanted to be my best friend or whatever, of which I get literally dozens of comparable ones in my spam box so duly treated it in the same fashion. C and J, good you copped her and sent her on her way.

The message appeared shortly after I signed on to SFN as a new member. Can't remember if it was one or two days after I did that. I deleted the message. I just remember the name was Christine Simon, and the photo was not of a person but of a landscape photo supposedly representing someplace in Africa (I guess).

Hi Vivien

I'm sorry to hear that and I'm really surprised that you got that before my welcome message? You don't still have a copy so that we can see when it arrived by any chance?

I manually approve all membership requests and send out the welcome message as I do so, this means there is a time lag of about 5 seconds usually!

In this case I had checked the ID but 'she' had cloned someone's (from Africa but quite legit) Linked in profile. If people are that determined to mess with stuff, a few are always going to succeed :(

A very good benchmark is the photo thing. You will notice that people missing profile photos generally get far fewer responses on SFN. This is partly because people like to see who they are chatting to and partly because almost everyone who has been a member for any length of time has met up with someone who has met up with someone, who has met up with someone - hence we 'know' and can vouch for each other. So if you get messages from people without photos it is a good warning sign!

We do also have a spam filter site wide on SFN which picks any messages like this up but obviously it can't work before the messages have been sent!

I can only apologise and reiterate again, please send James or I a PM if this happens otherwise we won't always pick up on stuff posted in threads like this. Thanks!

As a matter of fact I did get the same message from that name. I'm new on the network and I didn't trust it. I looked at the profile page and it appears that the geographic location is in Africa. The message asked to contact direct by regular private e-mail and claimed it's an important thing that needs to be discussed privately. To me it sounds like something along the lines of a request to get involved with a money inheritance or other type of money transfer deal appearing to be based in Africa. It's not the first time I've seen that sort of message. It's a well-known kind of scam. To be on the safe side, don't respond. I didn't and I won't.

I'm a new member and the same message, even before the "welcome" message. Like Denise I checked and found she wasn't listed as a member. It rather put me off ..........

Thanks for the reply,i will indeed let you know if it happens again, it's a common problem.

Hi Denise

She had her membership deleted for spamming members. We do check ID's thoroughly but the occasional spammer slips through. Please alert me or James immediately if this type of things happens. If we don't about it, we can't do anything about it!