Strasbourg shooting: killed and injured in eastern France - update

For those of us who wish to brush up our French… :slight_smile:

C’est justement ce que j’avais peur d’arriver autour de Noël. Mes pensées, comme beaucoup d’entre nous, sont avec les victimes et leurs familles. :cry:

It is so sad that our Christmas becomes the target for terrorism.
My thoughts are with all those involved and their families.

Latest update… around 10.30pm

Skye news in the UK sadly reporting 4 dead in Strasbourg shooting and gunman is cornered and in a shoot out with police as of 10.25 UK time. There is always something this time of year to bring sadness to the world. Some wanting to bring distruction, murder or mayhem in a time of what should be peace love and harmony. My thoughts go out to those affect by this ongoing situation :broken_heart:


3 people dead and 11 injured (5 badly and 6 lightly) as of this morning…

The death toll is mounting… :hushed:

5 victims have died now…

Is not the death tolling declining, Stella? I’m confused. I wonder who has the most accurate source. Where is the the SudOuest is getting its info, or The Guardian… Not that it’s any less terrifying or sad, if there are less who died of course.

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Sud Ouest gives the News for all of France, plus extra for the South West… and I follow its website (amongst others) and listen to the radio, while neighbours take their daily paper, listen to the radio and watch TV.

I wonder if you are confusing the (terrorist) “Strasbourg Attack” with the “Gilets Jaunes”.

According to reports, injured and dead during the various GJ happenings… have declined.