Straws in the Brexit wind?

Our small local Utile outlet has always had an end-of-aisle display of British groceries and beers, things beloved of the local anglais: thick- and thin-cut marmalade, digestive biscuits, Colman’s mustard, Heinz baked beans, Marmite etc etc. In recent weeks the shelves have emptied and have not been re-stocked.

When I asked about this I got a rather evasive response about the Rentrée which didn’t make a lot of sense, and hasn’t altered the situation now the Rentrée has been accomplished. The shelves are almost empty of British fancies.

I guess it presages custom and excise problems to come. Has anyone else seen straws in the Brexit wind in their localities? :thinking::dash:

Not yet. Today I had pancakes for lunch, choosing between blueberries from Sweden, sea buckthorn from Finland, Quitten from Switzerland or Lemon curd from UK. French Entier-Cream ( would that be like clotted cream?), very tasty indeed. Thankful for being in EU with no hassle to ‘import’ whatever goodies I want. I hope people in UK will have access to everything they want once the brexit-dust has settled.

Not unless you can spoon it like this.


What a jolly, tubby line-up, Peter !

The saucy little number called Tyrnihillo has turned my heado with her firm little golden clusters :heart:️… I bet she’s a favourite with you, she looks a little ‘depleted’, down to her last spoonful… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash:

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Clotted cream as ever was! :yum:

No British foods stuff section in Auchan in Avallon Burgundy for the last month. Pity as have run out of PG Tips. :unamused:

You can.
Itnis made in a local village, Trambly and also sold in ATAC in Cluny.
It is not as sweet as Cornish clotted cream, but a close second.

You can get it here:

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What is it called? I will have to stop and look for some next time I’m passing that way.

thanks though Mrs Wozza, has orders to bring some down from Paris this weekend or else! Wozza must have his PG in the morning, now drinking Tetley which doesn’t quite hit the spot.

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Hi Everyone

By chance I had the opportunity to visit our local Carrefour Contact…

The shelves are bulging with English stuff… if anything… more… or it may be that I have simply not bothered looking much before reading Peter’s original post…

I do hope this does not mean that all the English are going to descend on our litte corner of France… :scream::thinking::relaxed::smile::smile:


At the moment I can’t remember what it is called but you will find it on the shelves next to the other creams.

It is in a white plastic tub with a pink and black label.

This might be close enough for clotted cream. Very thick end delish

You try and convince someone from Devon/Cornwall!

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Ooooh… I recall scones with jam and clotted cream… absolutely wonderful…:hugs:

Devon or Cornwall… yes… can’t remember exactly where we were, but our “table” was situated right inside a huge inglenook fireplace and we kids were fascinated by the small patch of sky visible… way up high…


You wouldn’t get clotted cream through that spout!
Stella, Devon or Cornwall? Jam or cream first?

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Ha ha David… I now understand that there is a “correct” way to eat these thingies… but who cares… :wink::wink:

As a kid, I have no idea what we did… logic tells me jam first, add a dollop of cream… then… go for it… :relaxed::relaxed: I 'm sure we kids would have ended up with cream on nose, chin and whatever…:smiley::wink::hugs:

Jam first is correct! Who cares? You would be amazed.

David… I suspect that you are like me… we go our own way… regardless… :relaxed::relaxed:

You are so right David. Dawn French is having a very long ongoing argument on Twitter, albeit a lighthearted one, about which goes first. She is adamant the Devon way is correct but there are plenty of people arguing with her. Some seem to be taking it way too seriously :open_mouth: