Street art

You can see a lot of grafitti around our towns and cities, some of which is excellent but not much will make you smile. A couple of examples that I think are witty by a French group based in Paris, called Oakoak.

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I spent a day there ( Angouleme) acouple of years ago and loved it.Went round the BD museum and there are some murals on those links from Angouleme. I particularly wanted to follow a street map route of all the murals but kept getting lost. Not sure if it was my rubbish sense of direction or the poor map from the Tourist Info, but at least they haveone! Would spend more time or even move there if I had the opportunity :) PS my very good friend Trystan Mitchell is a BD artist, you might like it, he puts a lot of humour into his work watch out for the Noggins!

Thank you Jo, Poitier is almost on my doorstep so will be making a visit as soon as possible. You should also try Angouleme, home of the Musee de Band Dessinee, and a center for the French animation industry. Quite a lot of creative graffiti there too.


I adore street art and these are brilliant, thanks for sharing them.

Here are some links to my photos of graffitti in Poitiers and Norwich and a couple of Banksys from Glastonbury and wall murals in France. This link is the very 1st photo I took of graffitti in Bristol in 1982/3

I have lots more from Poitiers recently,but not uploaded and tagged properly yet.

The best place to stroll and see them is an area called Montbernage, which has some great walks by the river and is not far from the city centre, closest car park for disabled access to the graffitti is Rue de Montbernage, Poitiers 86000. and you can get a virtual preview of the work as it existed at the start, on googlemaps here. The latest works are much better and are great because you can see layer upon layer of colours when you stand and look through the gaps in the road struts underneath this flyover. pick a sunny day and you wont regret it I promise.

thanks for doing this page, its great.

I really like witty and creative street art, and I like the simplicity of these two. Here's a bit of temporary street art which caught my eye on Facebook. The other end of the scale on simplicity and a severe lesson in perspective.


Innovative ‘street art’ in the USA - talented portraitist on the underground. Get so jealous of such talent!

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