Strike by medical labs next week- UPDATE

If you have blood tests, or anything that requires labs, scheduled for Mon - Wed check that they will be going ahead

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is this nationwide?? …

aha… yes…

14th - 16th November they’re being “invited” to close their doors…

special arrangements will be in place for the greater demand before and after the strike…
also, the timescale before hospitalisation…
Aussi, « en accord avec les principaux établissements de santé », le délai des bilans sanguins à réaliser 48 heures avant une hospitalisation passera exceptionnellement à 72 heures.

Drat!!! There was an indication somewhere that today’s strike might affect labs so I decided to leave my tests until the beginning of next week… double drat :angry:

Press Release

Seems some people are never satisfied :roll_eyes:
Wasn’t so long ago they were complaining about the possibility of local lab closures which AFAIK didn’t take place so now they pull this one out of the hat…
Can’t help but wonder if there is any link to it being a PH tomorrow (11 Nov) and this will effectively give them a week off :thinking:
cynic, moi?


Thursday next week looks the earliest availability…
although you could check if your own lab is actually participating in the closure…

good luck

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How very very strange.

The SNCF app has a warning up that today, Thursday 10th November [tomorrow is the Bank Holiday Friday 11th November], there are serious disturbances on public transport in and around Paris due to a mouvement social (strike).

Yes, there are several strikes underway….

And because I’m a pedant it’s a public holiday tomorrow not a bank holiday. Bank holidays are by royal proclamation, and no royals in France.

Not officially recognised at any rate :rofl:


I shall certainly be doing that on Monday!

an interesting read, while waiting for the labs to open…

Famille royale d'Orléans de France.

ah yes, the Bourbons.
Last I heard of them, they were intending a stab at the Presidency with a view to then claiming back the throne if they won…

Well I hope they are protesting vaccines and restrictions placed on reporting vaccine deaths and injuries.

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I wonder if that’s nation-wide. I’m thinking of going tomorrow morning…

it doesn’t say it’s only in one part of France… it sounds like nationwide…
What is your local News site???

From the Newspaper point of view it’s Ouest-France - Nothing I can see in today’s paper though!

Our pharmacy/medical centre had not on door saying labs open on Thur. but I’m going to wait until next week as they will be inundated tomorrow.

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they should be open tomorrow… :+1:
They have said that they will make extra staff available to meet the demands… :crossed_fingers:

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I’m torn between getting it over with (i never sleep the night before) and leaving it a few more days so hey are back to normal…