Student loans

My daughter is looking into going to a private college in Paris.

Does anyone know about student loans in France?

Thank you.

That's very helpful Claire, Thank you.

My son is in a private "uni" in Bordeaux .It's not so much a uni as etudes superieur.

He is having to do it via student loans. The school gave us a list of banks that they work with that give good rates so we made appointments and went visiting. The 1st , banque populaire, was hopeless they would only loan a certain amount and wanted him to start the repayments straight away!! I kept saying but he's a student he won't be working!! It didn't go in.

The 2nd bank, LCL was a whole different ball game the student advisor was so helpful, she advised him to take the loan out year by year ( 5 separate loans)as the repayments only begin at the end of the 5 years so the worst he will find is that he will be repaying 3 years at the same time. He pays insurance each month , now he is year 2 he is paying around 30€ per month, I think the 1st year it was 14€. The AER is 2.4% fixed for the term of the loan. The full paybacks start after 5 years and after he has made the 1st payment he can pay each loan off straight away if he finds he has the funds, he cannot however pay them off early.

I hope that helps a bit Talk to the school to see if they know anything.