Studio setup

Thought this might be of interest to you all, often when I'm shooting with a studio setup, I take a step back and photograph the scene partly because it's quite interesting to see. Here's one, I have some others if your'e interested.

This was shot for a magazine a while back.

You can see the entire series here

Hi Mike, I am sort of starting to do as you suggest. Back later we have guests. Ron

Hello everyone, heres my question. 540w snoot kit or 540w filter kit?

Hmmm, need to find an Apple or two, huh, that would be a pair :D

Ron, I have a suggestion and if JH and S-ART have a better suggestion, please add/elaborate. I am only talking about portrait shots in your "studio", Ron.

Ron, get your Canon manual and learn how to do the following things. All easy to learn, (1) how to put your camera in the "manual" mode, see dial on top-right of camera?-turn it to manual mode. Your camera has a full set of manual settings (aperture, shudder, etc.) (2) how to change your APERTURE and SHUDDER SPEED, and (3) how to manually focus on the subjects eyes. To change the Aperture/Shudder, put camera in manual mode first. You want to use aperture f/11 and shudder speed of 125th of a second. At least this is a good place to start and adjust shudder speed a little if necessary. Once you find good settings, don't change them. Practice on an apple or something round and practice focusing on the front of the apple, middle (stem), etc; until you get the hang of manually focusing.

If manually focusing on your subject bothers you, learn later but you want to learn eventually how to focus on the subjects eyes (if left on automatic, you will focus on the nose, hair, or whatever the camera (not you) selects. There are exceptions to these rules but I am not explaining them...

Next, learn how to position your lights. There are plenty of videos on Youtube to show you how, using just ONE light in fact. You have two and there are many videos to show you how to position them.

It is just my opinion that if you learn this technique (and it takes 15 seconds to setup your camera), you can get good first results--then improve after you learn how to move lights around and to change your settings on your camera.

Warning: I am not the expert here (be gentle, folks); just a friend who wants to help. Dare you to post your best portrait for a critique :-))

eerrhem. StuART

So far I have a wad of 'reluctantly' posed pics of my daughter; ranging from startled rabbit to 'no eye brows'. Gimme chance, as for reporting, this is my first time here jn Weebdom, I don't know my f stop from a bus stop.

So Ron, first opinions on the kit? Quality of brollies, stands lamps etc? Full review required and possibly in video :D

It's working! thanks guys.

If they have a built in slave, turn it on and manually fire the other unit and see if tehy both fire.

I gather so, all in the lamp?

Ron, when you say "I switch the lights on; it all works...". Tell me what happened. Did the light illuminate and stay bright?

Can you turn the knob on the back of the light and see it brighten or dim?

Do they have built in slave units?

I have it all set up, brollies and all. When I switch the lights on, it all works, but I'm not sure if the 'red light' on the top comes on.

Test firing works.

Try this, Ron. Lay one light on a table (don't hold it in your hand) and connect light to electric outlet on wall.

Turn light on using power switch/button on back of light? #1 question--what happened?

Question #2, press "test" button on light. What happened?

Ooooh that would have made a superb unboxing video on youtube :D

Hi Mike, yes that's about it. I can't sync anything, I guess, until l have an adaptor. Can I use one ( or 2 ) of these lights to throw a permanent light?

So you have two lights with wall plugs, three umbrellas, two light stands, and a Canon 1100D and you want to know how to take flash/continuous light photography with this setup? Either Ron controls lights using radio controlled units (Pocket Wizards x 3) or possibly continuous lighting (since I see electric plugs on power cords). Your camera has a hot-shoe.

Someone help me here, please.

Hi Mike. It's called Pro Studio Lighting. Only 120 euros.

Ron, maybe I missed your entry (sorry) but what <> did you purchase? Make? Model?

sorry, nothing the manual, can't find anything on the www.