Studio setup

I will be happy to help you, Ron, just starting out also. I will look at the specs of your camera. Do you have any particular type of photo(s) in mind to use with lights, viz., portraits, macros, general outdoor stuff? This is a big subject area and you can get started on Youtube or Google. So where do you want to start?

As James said, it looks a brilliant starter kit, but that's what it is. I must admit I'm tempted but why waste 120 when you can spend 240-300 and get something you can use outdoors as well. 120w/s is limited to indoors I think. James, please put me right.

Have a chat with Mike Staubes and StuART Wilson, both doing good stuff

Cheers James! luckily we have EDF pumped straight in ( not as if we're living in the UK )

Thanks a lot, I'm going for it.

If I take a good pic I'll send one in.


These are studio flash units, you need a mains power source, good starter kit though for the money.


bottom this any good?

Bear in mind I'm clueless, but do have my spending head on right now.

Yes diffusers made from card, polyboard that sort of thing. I have contact dermatitis from years of hands in C41 dev. Seemed like a good idea at the time

here's the pop up accessories ad BTW


'course the ad has just popped up again... brill!

eye-glaze mode on.

Are you talking home-made diffusers? I will check it out, thanks. E6/ analogue set up way back, as you know was expensive.

But I did see brolly based rigs on an ad recently, and was surprised at how cheap some of the basic systems were.

Hmmm looks like the bed is gonna have to be moved out of the design studio.

We'll just have to kip in the hall.

He's not on SFN I'm afraid! I missed your earlier question, no reason why you can;t achieve similar results with your 1100. You can really do this stuff on the cheap if you make your own lighting modifiers too, that's actually good fun. Half of my lighting kit is home made!

Thanks for the link ( and hints ) it's only a hobby for me, and rarely does anything go to litho print. The 'raw' files from available light I get, can be over 100 mbs ( if ever needed ) but most things I do are for 'screen'.

I am keen to learn the craft this Winter, and know nothing about the current technology, although we had a Professional studio in the 80s.

I assume David is on SFN, or is he the Blogger? I will check him out. Thanks again

I use battery powered flash guns, you can start off pretty cheaply and end up spending a fortune. Depends what you want from your equipment.

Here is a good starting point for you

David Hobby is one of the masters of off camera flash (batter powered flash I mean)

That's lovely James. May I ask what sort of costs are involved in a lighting kit? are power packs involved? and would someone be able to achieve similar results with a Canon EOS 1100 D ?

Helps plonkers like me who wonder why the lighting never works out as intended...