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About two weeks ago, I was sent a really gorgeously packaged "Zao" eye shadow. As receiving make up in the post is always better than tax bills (better than most things actually), I was pretty chuffed. Then I opened it and my heart sank. It looked distinctly mauve (this was despite it being called Pearly Garnet) and mauve is really Not My Thing.

But two weeks in, I can report that I was totally wrong about the shade; it actually gives a really nice, 'better than Mother Nature gave me' natural colour. Better still, it has not affected my highly sensitive skin in the slightest and hasn't caused my eyes to stream, which is probably because the Zao range is 100% natural and the cosmetics are enriched with active organic ingredients.

I know there are lots of cruelty free make up ranges around but the Zao products seem to be a bit more up to date in terms of colours and shades as well as their extremely high quality ingredients and I've already ordered some more.

Plus....![](upload://bL5VuwBxtDKPxKSFqCxJ1gjCcx2.jpg) as an added bonus, the range has been designed to be a refillable, 'no waste' cosmetics range. The packaging is also unique and made from 100% sustainable bamboo. You can find out loads more technical stuff and see the full range of colours and shades here.