Stunning Sioux, 6 year-old white Swiss Shepherd needs a home!

hey say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and that’s certainly true about Sioux, who is looking his perfect companion. Besides his obvious good looks, he has a lot going for him: he is housetrained, calm and non destructive. He doesn't bark unnecessarily, but guards well. In general, he is very friendly and he behaves nicely with toys and food. He’s also fine with horses and poultry. Additionally, he is good on walks, on or off lead and his recall is excellent.

Sioux is playful and affectionate and is VERY fond of cuddles!

In spite of all this praise, there are a few things his new family must be aware of, and be willing to continue to help with him with:

In his former home, poor Sioux was left alone ALL day and probably kept isolated outside when his owners were at home. Like most dogs, especially a people-dog like Sioux, he felt really miserable and not surprisingly, kept escaping in an attempt to find his family. He was brought to the SPA as a result! Like a typical Shepherd, Sioux really wants to be around his people and to take part in what you’re doing. If you want a “stick to you like glue” dog, Sioux’s your boy! With a properly fenced garden (or indoors) he has learned now to be left alone for a while and he won't make a mess.

Sioux is dominant toward other male dogs, but would be good with a confident female companion, or as an only dog.

We are looking for a patient and experienced home where Sioux has lots of time dedicated to him and plenty of activities with his people. He needs a firm but very gentle hand who can provide him the security he so desperately needs. If so, Sioux is just the perfect loyal dog you always wanted!

Sioux is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. To meet him, or to find out more, please contact his Foster Carer, Patricia on 05 53 50 40 76 or email

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