Stupid Things Some People Say

We recently flew back from a UK airport to France and I thought I'd share what we overheard as it amused my hubbie & I so much.

Firstly: "I like France, you would think you weren't in France but were somewhere in the mediterranean or somethink"

Secondly "Red wine is part of the mediterranean diet and has more calories than white wine so best drink white or else Vodka, as you can feel bloated after drinking wine"

there were lots more but these were my favourites... I'm wondering if anyone else remembers overhearing such amusing things on flights.

Oh and if you are wondering how we heard this with our 15m old after our last experience, well she slept the whole flight!

UK Stores Delivering Overseas

I suppose we are all set in our ways to a certain extent. I think the most amusing thing was that the woman was cool crisp and totally confident and didn’t seem to be at all upset, just a little annoyed. She reminded me of Audrey Forbes Hamilton or Margo Leadbetter. What was the actress’s name? I never did get to see the couple they were sitting directly behind me, so I didn’t dare look. :slight_smile:

mmm yes I can confirm we do hear some ridiculous things from English speaking people at our local cafe too. Try the lady who ordered a salad and then spent 5 minutes removing every ingredient except the lettuce, much to our bemused patron who looked at me as if I could explain why this lady was so strange.
UK Stores Delivering Overseas

Restaurants are my favourite places for some satisfying eavesdropping.

Last summer in our lovely local bistro, who serve lovely salads. I heard
"What’s this then? Go on call the waiter. I can’t eat this rubbish."
There were a few minutes of whispered arguments then.
"What are these knobbly bits? They look like guts or something. Honestly! Call the waiter I think they pulled the whole lot out of the dustbin. Why are you eating yours you will be sick!"
More muttered argument and Niall who could see what they were both eating was clutching the table and wincing as if he were in pain. I was transfixed trying not to turn round and look. Then…
“Waiter, Waiter! What’s this?”
“Salade de Fruits de Mer Madame”. “What’s that?”
“Baby octopus Madame” .
"Oh – My --God! I asked for fruit salad and he’s given me dead baby octopus. I can’t eat that, take it away."
There was an interested silence as the poor waiter took the food away and bought her the menu again. “Would you like fish or perhaps a steak Madame”?
“No thank you, you’ve ruined my day now, give me a coffee, in a proper cup with milk, no sugar and HOT please. Bloody France!"
The restaurant returned to its cosy bustle. They’d seen it all before.

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I once got asked " Do all the French people speak French then?"