Subscriptions to SF and others

I can’t seem to find any info on subscriptions to SF. I was also wondering whether there are any other sources of information I might benefit from subscribing to such as The Local.

I think that @james is the best person to talk about subscriptions top SF. As far as I am aware, if you give some money via the Tip Jar, you become a patron (which you already are!) and that’s about it :smiley:

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Rather a sweeping statement @AngelaR.
Certainly the Conexion can be a bit of a joke but as you say I too find the Local informative and useful, simply a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff like any newspaper.

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@AngelaR Clearly I wasnt!
You stated that Most people on here don’t rate TheLocal very highly
I think conducting a straw poll of perhaps an average of 15 members that might be on line at any one time when according to Facebook there are more than 10,000 SF members is perhaps not Most people?
The Local gives a reasonable resume of what is going on in all EU countries which in general I find to be informative and helpful to keep in touch with what is happening in Franceand the wider Europe today.
I also think that if you dig deep enough you will find that many comments and informative posts on SF perhaps are as a result of members reading the Local and of course many other news feeds. Not sure about the Connexion though!!

I’m sorry. I shall delete my post…