Substitute for Sainsbury's Christmas heavy cream?

Hi everyone!

Who is gearing up for the holidays?

I have a question for anyone familiar with Sainsbury's christmas heavy creams.

When we lived in the UK I used to buy at holiday time these amazing tasting creams.

They had alcohol in it (Baileys was my favorite) among a few other alcohols. I think it was heavy cream or in the UK you call it something else perhaps?

I loved to spoon it in my ice cream or serve with a pie.

Does anyone know how to either get some of this delish stuff in France, or how to make it? I remember it wasn't as simple as just a mix of cream and alcohol....

Thanks in advance!

What you're looking for is called 'créme cru", you can buy it at the market (not the same as UK clotted cream though)

If you have a dairy farmer near you they often have a cream machine ..... that's the stuff, wonderful and at 5.50 a litre not a bad price either

Good luck!

Insanely decadent is something we should eat on a daily basis :)!

Thanks Krister

Thank you - shall try.

I just had to google for this, and, of course, making your own clotted cream is not difficult, apparently. I would go for the oven method, described here. The cream should preferrably be fresh from the dairy, and definitely not the UHT variant.

I found this little gem also: Why bother learning how to make clotted cream? First of all, it’s insanely decadent. Its sultry creaminess exists on a plane somewhere between whipped cream and butter, providing a perfectly rich topping that still maintains a breathy lightness of fresh dairy.

"Insanely decadent", love that :)

Same problem, my cheesecakes do not work as well because of that. What Krister recommends is what I have used most often, but still not up to par compared with a good buttery, clotted cream. I bought a cream in Normandy once that was nearly as thick but cannot for the life of me remember what it was called and have never seen anything like it on sale in the SW. Crème douce, as Sarah says, has some good uses including whipping and I might just have a go at that brandy cream myself in the very near future, so thanks for that tip.

Thanks Chris,
Going to try to experiment this weekend. Appreciate it!

Tried it,not thick enough nor the right texture.

Don't shop at Sainsbury's so not familiar with the product, but if I want thick cream, I get thick Normandy cream from my cheesemonger at the market [Puylaurens in my case]. Once home, I can add any flavour I like - and it's inexpensive!

thanks ! and thanks for jiggling my memory for the clotted cream! That is what the English call it! I love the cognac version too.

Thank you very much Sarah for your answer. I am going to check out the link later and try making it!

Clotted cream with Rémy Martin cognac, mmmmm....

Crême Entiêre Epaisse by Elle & Vire is nice and thick, but I have not (yet) tried to mix it with alcohol.

The bag on the left!

Hi Mary, it is a problem. Cream here is a bit rubbish really. But, buy some crème de florette, which is not crème fraiche but crème douce. This is the stuff you can pour on strawberries (it whips up fine). Use it to make brandy cream. There's a recipe here from BBC Good Food :