Suggestion Box - Let us know what you think!

Dear members,

If you’ve got a suggestion for an improvement to the network, let us know here. Maybe something you’ve seen on another site that you would like to have available here, anything you like. The Survive France Network is your network and we will strive to make it the best social networking facility available to our community.

All the best

James & Catharine

Hi Annette,

Sorry but no, you only get notifications (if you have it turned on) when you get a friend request, not acceptance.


Morning SFN HQ :-), Was just wondering whether if it is possible to receive an email notification when someone accepts you as a friend?

Good question, I don’t think we can do that, I’m going to look into it though.

Hi James

Looks like to smart phone app may have to wait a while. in the mean time would it be possible to email status updates straight to our ‘wall’ and have them in turn sent on to facebook and twitter? i know this can be done with photos and videos but i have been unsuccessful with just plain text. Any ideas?

Hi Liam,

It’s something that we have considered, I’ll start a discussion and see how many would use it, it would be quite expensive to develop/run so it may have to be a paid for feature. Cool idea.



Hi James, absolutly loving this site. i joint in Jan but have only just got round to really exploring.

How about, if there isnt already, a SFN Blackberry / iPhone / android app. i can connect to the site via my phones internet but it’s pretty hefty. it would be great to have something like the linkedin or facebook mobile app to survive france on the go.

apart from that, for me, it’s all spot on!

I see, I’ll see what I can do to encourage people to add a location, maybe change the text in the events pages.


Can you clarify a bit please Glen, do you mean you can’t upload photos to your own blog posts in this group?



Hi James ,

Wasn’t trying to give you more work, thought that maybe the people actually posting their event could include Dept name/no.

Sandy XX

That’s a good point Sandy, due to the constraints of the platform I’m not sure if I can implement that, I will have a closer look though.




Hello Higginsons,
Just posted my suggestion on the mainpage . Maybe I should have done it first here . Sorry!

When events are posted,I know that for me, at least, it would be very useful to know where they are in relation to us. It is only a small thing, obviously if people were really keen about the particular event, they would take the trouble to find out. But it might mean more people would turn up if they knew immediately that it was possible for them to get there.


Can we have members names in alphabetical order please.
I was looking for someone, but was’nt sure on the spelling for “quick search” and had to go through nearly the lot of the members page to find it

Hi Phil

Thanks for the suggestion. Have you had a look at the member search facility here?

Kind regards


Hi James and Catharine,


My suggestion would be for the SFN members either countrywide or perhaps only for the Languedoc-Roussillon area to be listed alphabetically, as if you are looking for fellow SFN members, you have to trawl through a list of a couple of hundred [in our local L-R site], or almost 3,000 throughout France.

If this isn’t an easy thing to do, please don’t worry, but in an otherwise really superb website, this is my only gripe!!

Best Wishes,

Phil [Espley].

If you go to the person’s page who you want to send the gift to and select one, press send gift and you will be directed to buy credits via PayPal, some gifts are free though. Hope that helps.


Thanks Mary :slight_smile:

One other thing … I haven’t a clue about how the Give a Gift feature works. Is is something you have to buy points for? Thanks,in advance,for the edification.

Love the new visuals! Both colorful and exciting. Congrats for the improvement. This is one of the most user-friendly sites I’ve navigated.

Good idea Suzy,

You can still float your chat window by clicking the pop out button on the top right hand corner of the chat window.