Suggestions for Good Gluten Free Bread

I wondered if any of you could recommend (bought) good gluten free bread please.
I’ve been buying a bjorg bread for some time which has been fine for me based on rye/oats (yes I know, not entirely gluten free) but they seem to have changed the recipe slightly and it’s now not working for me.

I know I could make my own, but life is too short, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d be grateful. Thanks.

I know that all supermarkets stock buckwheat flour much loved by gluten avoiders but I was very surprised not to be able to find commercially made “pain au sarrasin” anywhere on-line. I’ve never asked at the local boulangerie but perhaps yours may know outlets that stock it?

The larger Intermarchés, Leclercs and Casinos usually carry a range of fully gluten free breads and other foods.

Look in their “bio” sections.

Youngest daughter is full coeliac, so we scoured the local shops ahead of her first visit.

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In Cluny there is a bio bakery which uses all types of flours and I am wondering if there is anything similar near you?


I do Guy. And most of the gluten free products look astonishingly unappetising - ceiling tile quality. Which is why I was wondering if someone has personal experience of a particular brand. It is one of the reasons why I go for the bjorg range, because it is more like pumpernickel.

Sadly not Jane and even the sourdough products round here are not great. Virtually everything done by the Chorley Wood process these days.

We don’t buy much in the way of fresh food from supermarkets at all so haven’t got an idea of brands. Do you not have any sizeable boulangeries near you? We have half a dozen in a decent travelling range and we’re out in the sticks but perhaps your region is different! Also, although sarrasin is extremely popular in all forms around here, it does seem to be more used in the north … there is such a massive regional variance, isn’t there? Good thing in a way but…

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We do have some Angela. Unfortunately nothing out of the ordinary though.

That’s very disappointing, Sue :frowning:

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  1. local AMAP may well have an artisan baker that does specialist bread

  2. I think google (or preferably duckduckgo) might also be your friend here. There are places that deliver gluten free bread.


I manage it :+1: that said, its chocolate brownie and lemon cake bars tonight.


Sounds lovely, John. I’m trying to build up energy to make rhubarb and ginger jam. Can’t stand the stuff but my partner loves it :smiley:

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Sorry, that was less helpful than I’d hoped.

Brailla (light blue box) make excellent gluten free pasta.

Schär (yellow or blue/yellow packaging) make a whole range of gluten free biscuits/crackers/bread products that you’d not twig were gluten free unless you saw the box.

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Sorry Guy, when I replied I was a bit abrupt. Thanks for the thought. And must be tough for your daughter - coeliac disease is a whole other level from my gluten / wheat intolerance. Hope you manage ok.
Edit: and thanks for the extra thoughts, useful to know - we crossed posts. :grin:


Ah John, my problem is that for me food is fuel. If I could get someone else to do all my meals for me in the way that I want/need I would never go near a kitchen again.
Gardening or cooking? No contest! Even weeding’s preferable.
Good food / masses of veg matters to me, that’s why I do most of the cooking but if i lived on my own it would be steamed broccoli and a touch of butter every night.
Haven’t baked a cake or made jam or a desert in years and I wouldn’t now, except for dinner parties. Sugar and its substitutes so far as I’m concerned these days is the food of the devil. :grin:

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Not something I’ve come across - how do I find out if we have one?

It’s the people who provide a basket every week, which is not what you’re looking for. But more that it’s that sort of network that could lead you to an artisan baker tucked away somewhere making small quantities of specialist bread and who never supplies shops

Edit: just checked out our nearest ones, and one includes a baker who does gluten free…so there is hope perhaps.

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Thanks Jane, no one in our part of the world unfortunately. I’ll start googling once I’ve finally got my blackout curtains up!

Me to, and because I cant buy Keto bread or treats like brownies its down to me.
Agree about the sugar and it’s replacements, the replacements may not drive up insulin but what else do they do in the gut? I never use the recipes full amount, clearly some Americans are addicted to sweet things.

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Is it not possible to source rye, sarrasin flour etc and make in a bread machine? Mine from Lidl last year is brilliant - bread without flour all over the kitchen - and has recipes