Summer Book Quiz

Raining outside, bored, nothing to do now that the wild excitement of the Queen's Jubilee has passed? Looking for a way to fill that gap before we can be thrilled by the Olympics? Then look no further. For your amusement, pleasure and enjoyment, the St Clementin Literary Festival has devised a quiz for you to take part in. See

and enjoy!!!

From a personal point of view the ONLY good thing about Euro 2012 is that my husband's job has temporarily taken him away from home - so I do NOT have to watch any of it!! Every cloud has a silver lining!!! :-)

Football! The Queen, the Olympics and now football this has to be one of the worst summers. Lucy, if you, or anyone else wants to contact me directly re: the quiz or Literary Festival here in St Clementin then my email address is gjpopeuk(at)

Best wishes


I plan to check out the quiz shortly!!

But I wanted to ensure that you haven't forgotten the imminent excitement, due to start TOMORROW!!! Surely you can't have EURO 2012 - which kicks off at about 4!!

For those of us who need something to keep us away from that - like me - the quiz is going to be a God-send! I hope it is very long and time-consuming!!! :-)