Summer House Swap

First of all - I'm not sure where exactly on this site I ought to post this, so I'll include it here to start with, and if there is a more appropriate spot for it - perhaps James or Catharine could move it?

It's a Summer House Swap suggestion..

Would any of you be interested in reducing the cost of your summer holiday this year by swapping your French abode for a cosy family home near a beautiful West Cork fishing village (south west Ireland) for a week or two?

A friend of mine is keen to introduce her son & daughter (ages 7 and 6) to the French life and language by house-swapping with a family here for a few weeks during the summer - and she is open to all locations in France, not just the Nantes area, where I'm based.

Her house is located close to the sea and sandy beaches, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with fishing, sea-kayaking and adventure activities also nearby, not to mention a host of glorious seafood restaurants. The village near her home is called Union Hall, and it's a gorgeous area, especially when bathed in summer sunshine.

If you would like to find out more about the swap, or know someone else who does, please send me a message and I will forward you the contact details you need to make it happen...My friend doesn't tend to use social networking sites or publish her email address online, so I won't make it visible here.

Bonne vacances!