Summer of love sfn poster

Get in the groove with my new poster in glorious Technicolor!

Now available in the SFN shop!

SEE!! I went to the Gironde for 10 days to do stuff with THOUSANDS of snails, and he reverts to the '60's.

Poster's brilliant!!

Neil himself,however, hasn't gone backwards in time. Heyho.

Neil - ;)

Hey richard, chill out man!

Brian, I'm, like colour blind

We are discussing marchandising possibilities whence a t-shirt, poster, mug, etc. may be available.

James, or lumbered with it for life if a bit of a great big tiff happens. Removing the bloody things costs! I have a space though, I'd do it. Nick's wall, well thanks for the offer to us your flat but I don't do well with bright colours, it would need to be toned down. Mind you, if the Higginson family can live with it, it would make a great neon sign over SFN Towers.

"like" ;-)

That is fantastic - I want one - I think I'm going to paint the main wall in my flat to match

An SFN tattoo, I like it Brian, shows commitment/loyalty!

May I ask Neil, do you like bright colours? Not a t-shirt in my case but what about a tattoo?

I love that - does it come in a t-shirt?

Somebody been smokin' their Grateful Dead albums?

That too!!

never mind the summer, where's the fun?

Great Neil, now where's the bloody summer?

Far out man!