Sunday Opening - Rights/Wrongs

Didn’t someone suggest Sunday Working would be voluntary…???

Two workers sacked for refusing to agree to work on Sundays.

Given how hard it is to sack someone here the employer is either very stupid or there are other reasons.

Personally I don’t agree with Sunday opening but accept that it will simply creep in over the next few years.

I’m interested to see how this plays out…

In UK, so long ago now… it was meant to be voluntary… no-one will be forced… huh… that was swiftly turned on its head… :upside_down_face:

If you work for a any business/public service that is open 24/7 you should expect to have to work some weekends and public holidays.

I know I said I’m against Sunday opening but being self-employed I often work seven days a week and simply accept it as part of the joys/penalties of what we have chosen to do.

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Tim… this article explains about Sunday Opening being newly imposed on the premises/workforce… not those who enter an existing situation.

In the UK… way back, when supermarkets took on 24/7 opening… it meant that support trades and product deliveries etc… had to take on 24/7 as well… or lose the contracts… I have personal knowledge of that.

What was mooted for the supermarket workers… who suddenly found themselves faced with 24/7… was meant to be voluntary change in working-hours…or the use of Students… but it ended up very differently.

I appreciate that there would be issues on the ‘cross-over’ to 24/7 working but you’d assume that here where employee rights are very strong any organisation would get things right.

You would think so… which is why I’m watching with interest.