Super Moon/Blue Moon 31st January 2018..will it be shining on you?

I’m hoping to view the moon, in all its splendour … so long as the meteo behaves itself. :grin:

This link gives the most thorough explanation I have found (so far)… of the Super Moon and Blue Moon that we hear talk of…

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Hi Stella, thanks for the link. Sadly it looks like we will be having yet more rain. Such a pity because we don’t have any light pollution here so it would have been a spectaculare sight.
Hope that you fare better … :slight_smile:

same here. splattering of rain but a bit less at night sow e might get to see it. if not it will be on telly somewhere

Harry… where is your sense of romance and wonder … :grin: looking at the moon on TV is simply not the same… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I know alas we are due rain so we wont get to see it. i’m an avid star gazer and like to just go and plop myself down in the field and watch the stars. I know nothing about the constellations as such I just enjoy gazing up at the night sky. :slight_smile:

My son on the other hand who is 8 has 3 telescopes and loves telling me about the planets.

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@anon54681821 … if you enjoy star-gazing… you might like this link. You can click on the time and it tells you what you can see… amongst many other things… I find it very useful. I have set it for 6pm tonight…or whenever…

Thanks for this Stella. Looks we will have clear skies until late evening so hopefully we will see it.

yes i have an app on my phone i can direct at the sky where im looking and it tells me what is where. personally i just like the stars shining.

We have 2 street lights outside our apartment building and 1 of them shines directly in to our bedroom. The bulbs have just been replaced and they are now ultra-bright. It’s like daylight at night. I absolutely hate them.

You could have a word… I am sure the bulbs could be less of a nuisance…

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Hello Mandy
That’s all you need ! Harry has had some problems with proposed street lighting and I found this link, maybe it might help you, I do hope so …

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Thanks for the link Ann. Will have a look.

lucky for us we wont be getting a street light but there must be a solution. @Stella who did your friends talk to to get their lights changed?

was just discussing street lights 14 hours ago how strange it all goes into each other. im sure you can get help though. lucky for us the commune has decided that a street light outside our house is not a great idea.

The street lights have been here a lot longer than us so we won’t be able to get rid of them but maybe the culprit can be redirected. Worth a question to the Marie I think.

got another response re street lights if you can show they are a nuisance to your household they are obligated to relocate /change or remove them entirely.

Speak with your marie, ours has been so helpful in stopping a street light having to be placed anywhere near our house.

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Not sure what we will be able to see… but will give it a whirl…

Sadly… full cloud cover so no viewing for us… but these photos are superb…

thick fog for us.

At 3 am this morning the rain stopped, so I went outside and there it was between scudding clouds ! Not as glorious as on the photos but huge, orangey and very very bright ! :slight_smile:

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