Superb service from ENEDIS

We had a power cut this afternoon, fortunately we had just finisehd cooking Sunday lunch so it wasn’t a big deal.

But after being without power for an hour we decided it was time to phone ENEDIS.

The guy at ENEDIS took me through the basic checks (which I had already done) and said we would need a technician to come and sort out the problem.

Half-an-hour later one turned up, diagnosed the problem (trees had damaged the cables somewhere up the chemin communal) and arranged for a repair to be done.

About 4 hours after the power cut ENEDIS have trimmed the offending trees, repaired the cable and we now have electricity again.

All we have to do now is sort out whether our neighbour or the commune are responsible for keeping the trees under control.

Chapeau ENEDIS.