Superb young French guitarist have a listen.

Take your point about ‘Pot Belly Pop’ but there are some dire French bands too. Came across a poster for a band called The W@nkers a few years ago, who were doing a local gig. Abysmal.They really did live up to their name.

Alex I do not think that he is in a queque!

Yes....I know the mix has been around for a long time.....but I like it!

Esparanto were from the seventies!

FLOCK or flock of Seaguls!!!!!

Are you.....or were you a musician?

Yes Alexander I agree that it is easy to impress the majority of the ex pats!

And often .....too often the entertainment at a fete is P and O style highlighting Dave, Dee,

Dozzy, Mick and Tich and the Beatles having nightmares.

However there are many of us who are having craving to hear great musicians and music to

match.....well we do not all appreciate the same style of music.

Here in S W France Traditional Jazz seems to be the favourite.

My favourite music is rock assisted with orchestral assistance....which has been reflected

in some of Nick Hucknels recordings in South America where he mixed three styles of music he has a really good voice.

There was a band called Esperanto which had around 5/6 electric violins and the vocals were

in tune with the mood of the instruments.

John Paul Jones has united classical with rock....I believe.

Perhaps I need to go towards the city to find great music.

But getting back to Tom Ibarra ....well I am sure that eventually he will be find his

way to Paris or London and make a huge name for himself.

Blues,Jazz…if they are great players, genre is not important…

Superb guitarist.....yes.

Garry Moore....but these are blues boys!

The late great Stevie Ray Vaughan…

Who is SRV?

Yes it was Barbara. Beck had obviously worked out what he was going to play and really nailed it…Eric looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights! Personally It would be difficult for me to separate Clapton, Green and SRV.
I bought a guitar at 15 and quickly realized I had neither the talent nor application to carry on, so it was only 4 or 5 years ago that I bought another and gave it a proper go. Sadly my brain is way ahead of my fingers but I enjoy it now!

Yes I think so......Ronnie Scotts?

Eric Clapton in his bluesmode.....

Second to Peter Green.

What happened to your guitar playing?

When I was 15, all I wanted was to be a great guitar player! Failed miserably (too many distractions) but I reckon Tom can be a kid and really good player as only get one chance....

Have you seen this Barbara?

5th feb in my region.

I reckon he needs to be a kid!

Jeff Beck climbed up that rope ladder to the moon and,for me

he is better and more expressive than ever.

You are absolutely right Barbara. His style of music may well have a limited audience, but let’s not forget that Jeff Beck makes a pretty good living out of something similar. Tom doesn’t seem to have a lot of gigs lined up so far this year but I’d definitely like to get to one of them.

The problem is that too many people will not appreciate his music!

I may be a woman Chris but I have managed a band in London and I

know a little bit about Tom's style of music and when the time is

right I am sure that he will be a huge success.

Superb is probably an understatement Bruce! 15 and playing the NAMM show, now that should get him some well deserved attention.

Yesterday I was talking with a singer who is living in my region and I told him

how I loved to hear truly good musicians.

Hav ing lived in a world of Bowie, Led Zep, Peter Green and coming here where

music is mainly dedicated to wedding bands. I told this chap that I had played a

track of music to his wife.......but .....well.

However the chap told me that Tom Ibarra is playing at The Garage in Eymet!

Tom Ibarra played with his band/or collection of musicians in our village of Gensac

last summer. I was just about to come on here and herald the news.

Well Bruce this young man is a treasure from Bergerac and his father is director

of the Bergerac airport.

Feb 5th at the Garage in Eymet