Superloaf - Interesting (Long) Read

For those concerned about diet and health there is an interesting long read from the Telegraph that I’ve copied and made into a pdf.

I’ve long known that the breads sold today are bad for our health - many corrupted by the Chorley Wood Process (see article). And many years ago OH started making sourdough breads in preference to what we can buy.

The other key thread of the article is sugar and cancer - like Melissa Sharp in the article, I was appalled at the quality of the food in Atkinson Morley hospital where my brother underwent brain surgery to remove a tumour. I used to take him in freshly juiced veg smoothies to give him some nutrition and to try and counteract the damage being done by the sugar products. I would have an organic veg juice bar in every hospital reception in the country if I were Health Minister.

Superloaf.pdf (200.9 KB)

@graham Thanks Graham. I wasn’t sure whether it was food, or health (could be either) - hence putting it in general.

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We are sourdough converts too…and leftover starter sourdough pizza tonight!

Interesting re sugar and cancer. I thought it was a bit of a myth, and perhaps more to do with general bad diet and obesity rather than sugar per se. However a friend has just been diagnosed, and her doctor told her to reduce sugar in her diet as much as she could and aim to flatten out GI spikes. So maybe this is becoming more mainstream?

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I do hope so - sadly nutrition has been so neglected as a key aspect of getting cancer in the first place and then the ability of the body to recover.

No myth Jane. The science of epigenetics is showing clearly the ability of sugar to “turn on” inflammatory genes - keeping them turned off is key to prevention of so many diseases.

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John Yudkin’s book Pure White and Deadly (1968? 1974?) seems to be having a renaissance on the back of this

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I have several e-friends who are convinced that eating any pure sugar sends them into inflammatory meltdown (we share an inflammatory disease). And whilst I agree wholeheartedly about nutrition, and have a pin-up of Tim Spector, I find the mental boost of a Paris-Breat outweighs everything!

“Eat, not too much, and mainly plants”.

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If needed glucose is better than sugar and leaving out the fructose syrup that is added to processed foods is important. Also linked to dementia.

Arte had a good programme the other day about bread. You can see it here…