Supermarket special offers

I shopped in Intermarche yesterday, saw Xmas chocs 50% off and bought some. Worried that I might not get the discount, I checked the ticket, pleased that I did because I was charged full price!
Back to customer service, who took me to the aisle where the offer was and showed me a notice saying 50% off in very large letters and underneath in very small print excluding various items.
I requested a return and reimbursement and left very annoyed.
Surely supermarkets should not be allowed to mix offers with full price goods?
I cought Tesco out many years ago, and am now always wary.
Have other people noticed the same, and how do we stop it?

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Hi Raymond

I have been “caught out” in the past…simply because I did not read the Offer info thoroughly… or else I misunderstood it.

Even after all these years, I check and double check. When in doubt, I ask an Assistant (or grab a passing shopper).

Sometimes the savings get put onto the Fidelity Card and sometimes you simply pay less at the Till.

Whatever, I suggest you continue to be wary and be very sure what you are buying and what you will be paying.